Brighton Sea Scouts

Cubs Gallery

The Cubs are always having lots of fun. Check out some of the great things they have been up to.


Cub Camp

Cubs Minion Night

Cubs Masterchef

Cubs Ice Cream Night


Cubs @ Brighton Pier

Cubs @ Karkarook 1

Cubs @ Karkarook 2

Cubs District Badge Day

Cuboree 2017


Karkarook Night Vol 1

Karkarook Night Vol 2

Robot Night

Damper Night

Mothers Day Craft Night

Cub Camp

100 Years Of Cubs Night

Masterchef Night

Grey Wolf Recognition

Grey Wolf Hike 1

Grey Wolf Hike 2

Ice Cream Night

Kite Making Night

Soap Carving / Masks Night

Billycart Derby

Cubs Say Goodbye To Lisa :-(

Melbourne Cup Night

Leadership Camp

Archive Gallery


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