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Cub Profile - Adam

Why do you like Cub Scouts?
I like the activities, the games and earning badges.

What are your favourite activities at Cub Scouts?
Camping and water activities like canoeing and sailing.

What is your greatest achievement in Cub Scouts?
Becoming a "Sixer" and being able to attend the leadership camp.

What's the best Cub Scout memory for you?
Going to the camp at Clifford Park with all the Cubs and Scouts.

What is your favourite TV show?
Sanjay & Craig.

Describe yourself in three words.
Fun, active and caring.

Tell us your favourite joke.
Q: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
A: No idea.

Cub Leader Profile - Vivienne

How long have you been involved in Scouts?
Almost 2 years.

Were you a youth member?
No, I’d heard about Scouts and Girl Guides but was never involved in it.

What prompted you to train as a Cub Leader?
Russell Burton’s (Group Leader) tele sales.

How long did it take?
It took a little while trying to fit it in with work and other work related training I was completing, but I managed to get it completed in the first year.

What do you think are the key benefits of being a Leader?
I have been able to meet a great bunch of people in the other Cub leaders who have been able to teach me so much and have so many great stories to share. It's also great to meet all the Cubs and watch them learn and grow. I’m learning all the time whether it's learning how to tie a new knot or planning various activities/events. There's just so much fun stuff going on at 1st / 14th Brighton Cub Scouts!

What’s the best thing about being a Leader?
There are a few, but as I look after the badge work it’s great listening to the cubs talk about all the great projects they’ve been working on and then see them beaming when presented with a badge for their hard work.

What sort of things do you do with your Cubs?
Well, as I’m a keen baker one of our activities towards the end of the year was making & decorating gingerbread shapes and then as a group decorating a large gingerbread house which was demolished at the end of the evening. For the Customs and Traditions Boomerang attempting to dance around a maypole in the hall turned out to be a very comical exercise!

Recount one of your favourite Cub experiences
The leadership camp for Sixers, Seconders and 10 year olds was a great experience for me. We spent two nights in tents and played lots of games that required teamwork and also had many leadership discussions. As it was for Cub Packs within the Bayside District it was great to see the Cubs getting to know the different Packs in such a short time.

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